Picture postcards

There are 6 types of picture postcards with recognizable motives of Kalnik and surrounding area.
The price of each postcard is 3 kuna.

Gingerbread heart

A little notepad shaped as a gingerbread heart with the size 7×7 cm

Souvenir T-shirts

Cotton T-shirts in various sizes can be bought at a price of 48 kuna.

The Kalnik Vuzmica – an original Kalnik souvenir

A Kalnik vuzmica model – made by the members of KUD Kalnik

The chest of King Bela IV – an original Kalnik souvenir

The souvenir contains plum products, which is a historical symbol of Kalnik.
In Bela’s chest, we put home-made plum jam (250g), Home-made plum-brandy (0.3 l), a paper with short history of Kalnik and the legend of Kalnik’s plum farmers, and a package of dry plums (30 g)

Souvenirs can be bought in the Tourist office of the Tourist Board of Kalnik
Stjepan Radić Square 5,
Telephone number 048/857-250
Mobile phone number ++38599/2138-501