Excursion to Kalnik

Kalnik will give you a unique ambient of rural landscape and its nature will enchant you with its pureness and serenity.

The Biblical Garden of Peace Tour

33 wooden sculptures depicting the events from the Old and the New Testament located near the Elementary school in Kalnik.

Duration of the tour: approximately 30 min


The church of St. Brcko Tour

Seeing the inside of the church and the frescoes from 14th and 16th century, a short presentation on the history of the church.

Duration of the tour: approximately 30 min


The Stari Grad Veliki Kalnik fortress Tour

One of the most preserved fortresses in the Northwest Croatia with a rich history. It is possible to climb on the top of the fortress, from which spreads a beautiful view of Prigorje, Podravina and Zagorje. A short presentation about the history

Duration of the tour: approximately 1.5 hours



Poučna staza Tour

Poučna staza (the instructive path) is marked with descriptions of plants, geological data about the Kalnik hill, historical locations etc. The path has a round shape and shows the most beautiful parts of Kalnik nature. On the path there is an archaeological site from the Bronze Age and the remains of the medieval church of St. Martin.

Duration of the tour: approximately 2.5 hours

panel on the educational trail

The “7 teeth” hiking trail

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Croatia, from which beautiful sights in all four directions are given. The trail leads to Vranilac, the highest peak of Kalnik.

Duration: approximately 2 hours

7 zubi

An expert guide takes you on a tour of all Kalnik sights and presents interesting facts about the nature and history of Kalnik.

The price of the excursion:

- the expert guide service costs 8 kuna per person
- lunch in the newly redecorated restaurant Planinarski dom: 30 -60 kuna

For visiting all the sights, no extra tickets are being sold.

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The managing director of the touristic office Kruno Đurec