IMG_8345kalničke manifestacije, Vuzem na Kalniku

Before Easter every village prepares a bonfire – Vuzmica. The preparations start a week earlier. First, men go to the woods to find wood to build the Vuzmica. In order to make the Vuzmica as tall as possible, they have to find four long wooden poles. The poles are vertically put in the holes in the ground and dry wood is put between them. It’s a kind of work for experienced builders because the Vuzmica must burn as long and as intense as possible. The villages compete with each other whose will be the tallest, so the Vuzmica’s reach up to 25 meters. The Vuzmica is lit up on Easter, when the first dark comes. All the people of the village are gathered around the bonfire. With the glow of the fire, which symbolizes the Christ’s resurrection, and with songs, wine and home-made food, the village people cheer late in the night.