The more and more popular adrenaline sport can be played on Kalnik for the last few years. The woods of Kalnik are ideal for this recreational sport, because, apart from trees, rocks and alcoves are convenient for hiding. For the ones who are not ready to walk through the forest and set ambushes, there is a paintball terrain with a beautiful field for relaxing and having a barbecue.


The games that are played most often are:

“Attack and Defense” – Two teams compete in the game. One team spreads across the field and, with skill and strategy, defends its own area from the attackers, who must develop the attack strategy. During the elimination of defense players, the position of the other players must not be revealed, in order to render the game interesting until the very end. The attacking team can move unlimitedly through the entire field, while moving of the defense team is limited by boundaries of the defended territory. The defense team wins if they succeed to eliminate all the opposite players. The attacking team wins if they manage to eliminate or hold captive all the opposite players.

“Capture the Flag” – Two teams compete. The teams have the same goal – to capture the flag in the enemy base and return with it to their own base. To capture the enemy flag, each team needs to go through the arranged strategy as successful as possible in a dynamic and competitive surrounding. The teams are distinguished by colored tracks on their uniforms. The winning team is the one that captures the enemy flag and takes it to their base first.

“The Game of Complete Elimination” – Two teams compete, with the same goal – to eliminate all the enemies with as little loss on their side as possible. The teams are distinguished by colored tracks on their uniforms. The winning team is the one which stays on the field with more players.

Rent of the equipment and price

At the moment, 8 sets of equipment can be rented. The set includes an overall, chest and arm protectors, a gun, a mask and 180 balls. The price of each set is 120 kuna. Extra 100 balls costs 35 kuna. The rent of the equipment is possible on work days and weekend, with an obligatory contact two days in advance. The person to contact is Kruno Đurec (phone number: 099/2138-501)