Kalnik attracted hikers and nature admirers even in the middle of 19th century. In the far 1853, Josip Schlosser-Klekovski and Ljudevit Vukotinović wrote about the beautiful Kalnik nature. The first official trip of the Croatian hiking association to Kalnik was organized in the far 1878.

škrinja planinari

A well-known Croatian architect Stjepan Planić in the 1930es designed one of the most beautiful hiking lodges in Croatia. A dozen beautiful hiking trails lead from the lodge, of which are the most interesting:

The Seven Teeth

It leads from the hiking lodge, across 7 great rocks to the highest peak Vranilac. The length of the trail is 500 meters, and it takes 40 minutes to climb. The trail also has one alpinist spot which goes through a cutting between two rocks, and it is possible to go around it from the north side. The trail is very attractive and beautiful views are given from the tooth-like peaks.

Kalnička greda

”Kalnička greda” leads from the hiking lodge, south-east across the Vuklec ridge, peaks Podrevec and Škrinja to the canyon of the river Kamešnica, or Vratno. This trail is wooded, except at the beginning and end. The length of the trail is 4500 meters and the tour takes 2-3 hours.

Kalnik – Varaždinske toplice

The trail goes through the wooded part of northern Kalnik. It leads through the ridge Hruškovec and then it steeply descends to the village Ljubelj Kalnički, which is completely surrounded by a beautiful forest landscape. Close to the trail there is a beautiful, 5 meters high waterfall, which appears in the early spring because of the melting of snow. The trail is about 9 kilometres long and it takes 5-6 hours to pass it.

It is possible to get a guide for the tour on the Kalnik hiking trails (contact: Kruno Đurec 099/2138-501 or Stjepan Jembrek – Antena 095/9098-768).