Welcome to the area of a beautiful nature, clean air, peace, tranquility and serenity, the traditional way of life and preserved customs, beautiful views, rich history, preserved historical monuments and valuable religious objects.
Kalnik is located in the northwestern part of the Croatia, only 60 km away from Zagreb.

Kalnik is, in the first place, a hill which extends in the direction of North – south, characterized by a low altitude (643m) and bare limestone rocks, attractive for free climbing.

Due to the excellent location and good thermic, Kalnik is a great place for Paragliders.

Benefits of life on Kalnik has been known to our ancestors since the early Bronze Age, since when the Kalnik is continuously inhabited.

The fort “Great Kalnik” has been besieged ever since the 13th century by numerous conquerors: Tatars, Avars, Turks, but had never been conquered. Even today, it is the best preserved medieval fortress in this part of Croatia.

Well preserved and unique, the Kalnik’s natural surroundings has been recognized and protected by authorities. Almost 4200 acres of Kalnik belongs to “significant landscape Kalnik” area, and 5.35 hectare belongs to botanical reservation called Mali Kalnik. The most beautiful parts of Kalnik can be experienced by visiting an educational trail.

The traditional old wooden huts in the so-called Ilica near the village Vojnovec are also protected, and there is a centuries old tradition of wine making in this area.